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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an off-site built modular home?

Modular homes are essentially the same as a site built home built by local builder but are assembled in a factory. A modular home is built to meet the Michigan Building Code developed by the International Code Council. For purposes of an appraisal and for resale, is the same as a site built home. The modular home is constructed in a controlled environment; it can be completed within a fraction of the time as compared to site built home because it is not slowed by weather, theft and other factors. Buildings are produced in “modules” that when put together on site, reflect the identical design intent. In the factory, the homes travel along an assembly line where they are built precisely by craftsmen, and are inspected by quality control as the home is built. They are assembled stronger because of additional bracing and studs needed for transporting. Once the home is complete, and the separate sections of the home are assembled they are sealed up weather-tight for transporting to your building site.


What is a Manufactured Home?

Manufactured homes differ from modular and site built homes because these manufactured homes conform to the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (The HUD Code). They are “titled” like motor vehicles which are built on a movable steel frame. Many of the components, such as doors are built by the manufacturer, and cannot be matched easily after market. 


How Does Financing a Modular Home Work?

Lending Institutions treat modular homes and site built homes as the same type of construction for financing. The price of a modular home is lower per square foot than a site built home of same size. Insurance companies also treat modular homes the same as site built homes.


What Does the Base Price Include?

The base price includes the entire framing structure and foundation it is placed on. All interior finishes are offered complete from the factory or a partial finish is available for the benefit of the home owner. This includes all plumbing, heating, electrical and site infrastructure. The roofing and siding is completed on site where the garage connects to the home. The transporting cost and setting of your home are included.


How Long Does It Take from Start to Finish to Recieve My Modular Home?

On average, it takes 4 to 5 months from the time you place your order to the time you can move in. We will take you through the entire process. Things that influence the time it takes to complete your project include the size of the home, the addition of a garage, porches or decks, and any additional site work.


What Kinds of Upgrades Can We Get for Our Modular Home?

Harbor Town Development LLC as a Licensed Residential Builder can customize your modular home in just about any way you can imagine. It is truly your choice!


Why should I build my home with Harbor Town Development?

Protection from the Elements

Have you ever driven past a partially constructed, site-built home on a rainy day? Have you thought about what is happening to the wood and other materials as the water covers them? Warping, separation, saturation, mold and mildew are just a few of the risks that one might incur while building a home in a “traditional” manner. In contrast, all of our lumber is stored in the protective environment of a world-class manufacturing facility alongside all of the other materials and components that will be used in the construction of your home.


A team of highly qualified design engineers and computer aided drafting technicians generate all of Harbor Town Development's floorplan designs. Regardless of style - ranch, cape cod, or two-story - you can be assured that every aspect of your home has been meticulously reviewed from an engineering perspective. Harbor Town Development offers its customers a tremendous amount of flexibility in both design and scope. Hundreds of options are available for every room of your house. If you have a custom plan in mind, we can also work with you to turn your dream home into reality!


In most cases, a modular home as constructed by Harbor Town Development can be built in about half of the time required to build a comparably sized and equipped site-built home. Streamlined production processes and protection from weather hindrances help to facilitate a quick production cycle. Further, preparations for electrical and mechanical systems combined with our professional and efficient management of site trades allows us to expeditiously complete your project.

One Stop Shopping

Building your new home with Harbor Town Development offers many unique advantages. Let us take you on a 3D virtual tour of a Ritz-Craft or custom floorplan - inside and out! - with our powerful Chief Architect program. You'll be amazed when you see your color choices (floorings, cabinetry, countertops, etc) coordinated and ready to view.


How are modular homes built?

Today's modular homes are models of efficiency and quality assurance. The process of building your new home starts with the design phase. Your new home is drawn up using state of the art computers, which aids in the customizing of your new home and in producing drawings and materials lists. Once designed, the building process begins. This process involves modern factory assembly line techniques. Your home travels from station to station where all of the building trades are represented. Work is never delayed due to weather, sub-contractor no shows, or missing materials. The quality control process assures you that your home has been inspected for code compliance and workmanship. In-plant inspectors as well as independent third party inspection agencies inspect each home to make sure that your new home meets all the state and local codes.